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Male Breast Reduction Options Without Surgery

Male breast enlargement, also known as gynecomastia, is humiliating for the men affected. To get a masculine-looking chest, men try various treatments to get rid of man boobs. While gynecomastia surgery offers immediate and permanent elimination of the excess breast glandular tissue and fat, there are helpful non-surgical gynecomastia treatments. This blog post will discuss some of the popular male breast reduction options without surgery.

6 Non-surgical Breast Reduction Treatment Options

There are various non-surgical breast reduction treatments, but the most effective for you depends on the cause and extent of your gynecomastia. Some of the options include:

1. Appropriate Clothing

Your dressing determines how noticeable your enlarged breasts are. To conceal your man boobs, it is recommended that you avoid fitting shirts or t-shirts and wear more patterned tops, thick or layered tops, and pinstriped suits.

You can also invest in compression shirts from Esteem Apparel. These shirts are tight to press, hold together and hide your large breasts and fit under your tight tops. Esteem Apparel clothing line offers you their compression shirts in different designs and sizes to choose from.

However, dressing your man boobs appropriately is a short-term solution and sometimes does not work. For instance, compression garments will not help in the cases where you want to engage in activities that require you to remove your shirt.

Therefore, as you invest in proper clothing, you must look into permanent solutions for total freedom and confidence.

2. Diet Change

Overweight and obese men develop enlarged chests because they have excess fat deposits on the chest. At the same time, large amounts of body fats stimulate the production of estrogen, which encourages breast growth.

Losing weight through diet change is one way to shed excess fat throughout the body, including the chest. Sustainable weight loss is encouraged if you want to get rid of enlarged breasts.

Ensure to eat a balanced diet to supply your body with all the necessary nutrients to maximize testosterone production. An overall balanced diet also lowers your body fat. Cut out processed foods like sugary snacks, soda, and candy and eat more fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.

Also, incorporate foods that boost the production of testosterone in your diet. Such foods include egg yolks, tuna, oysters, garlic, lean proteins, and other foods rich in Zinc and Vitamin D.

Reduce the consumption of foods that contain chemicals that boost the production of estrogen because your aim is to boost testosterone. Minimize the consumption of Licorice, soy, and legumes because they are common sources of phytoestrogen, a chemical that mimics estrogen.

Before you change your diet, it is crucial to consult a nutritionist. They will ask you for a list of the foods you are consuming currently and help you decide on the foods you should continue eating, eliminate or add.

Reducing the number of calories in your diet does not mean starving yourself but consuming foods high in nutrients.

You will be tempted to use fast weight loss supplements on the market, but such weight loss is not sustainable, and some of the supplements are not tested and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

3. Exercise

Exercise is another tried and tested way to get rid of body fat including the fat on the chest. For the best results, you should take on full body exercises to help burn calories throughout the body and target exercises to strengthen the chest muscles.

Cardiovascular exercises like jogging, walking, dancing, swimming, skipping, rowing, or cycling are good for weight loss.

In addition to exercises that help you to lose weight, it is crucial to do exercises that help build and strengthen your chest muscles. Some of the exercises that target your chest include:

  • Push ups- Push Ups help to tone and strengthen the chest muscles. However, you must be in the proper position to get the desired results. To get all the benefits from push ups, take a strong plank position, ensure that your hands are not too wide apart, and your elbows should not flare as you lower your body. Take 15-20 repetitions, depending on your ability.
  • Barbell bench press- for this exercise, use a bar of weight you can comfortably manage to prevent accidents. Lowering the bar should take longer than raising it for all the benefits. Also, take deep breaths as you lower the bar to the mid-chest and breathe out as you raise it back to the start position.

For chest target exercises, you should work with a trainer who will create a routine for you, depending on your abilities and needs. Remember that you cannot take up exercises that target your chest only. Exercises that boost metabolism on your whole body together with chest exercises will yield better results.

4. Lifestyle Change

Some lifestyle habits like alcohol and drug abuse, stress, and lack of sleep contribute to hormonal imbalance that results in the enlarged breast. Therefore, to boost testosterone levels, some of your habits must change:

  • Minimize or stop alcohol consumption
  • Avoid stress and adopt better stress management techniques
  • Aim for seven hours or more of sleep

5. Discontinuing the Use of Medication

Some prescription medications and recreational drugs can increase estrogen levels, promoting the growth of male glandular tissue. If you suspect that the medications you are taking are the cause of your gynecomastia, consult with your doctor for another prescription. Sometimes, enlarged breasts will disappear after you stop taking the medicines.

6. Hormone Therapy

If your gynecomastia is caused by hormonal imbalance, treatments designed to balance hormones reduce the growth of the glandular breast tissue. For the best results, take hormone therapy from a medical professional, and only after it is confirmed that your gynecomastia is caused by hormonal imbalance.

Final Word

Although breast surgery reduction is a common treatment option for men suffering from gynecomastia, there are numerous non-invasive options for male breast reduction. Gynecomastia is primarily caused by hormonal imbalance from factors like a poor lifestyle and certain prescription medications for underlying medical conditions. Therefore, treatment for gynecomastia can involve diet change, exercise, and switching or discontinuation of specific medication.