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Adolescent gynecomastia is a normal part of puberty

How our compression slimming shirts can help improve self-esteem in young adults

Parents need to be more proactive when it comes to their son or sons going through puberty stages. When boys start going through changes, they might develop gynecomastia (extra breast tissue causing man boobs or puffy nipples). When hormones start changing, boys in middle school age groups are starting to develop a lower vocal range, noticing more hair on their bodies—the testosterone levels are getting higher. 

During this time, when extra chest area tissue can develop, statistics show that about 70% of boys go through the condition.  Other than changes, having depression and eating more can cause weight gain and this can also considered to be, gynecomastia. Having not enough testosterone after puberty is over can also cause men to gain more weight or other medical conditions to erupt.  These issues can cause or contribute to having man boobs (gynecomastia).  If puberty has caused extra chest tissue, this can be normal and should resolve and diminish over time and may take up to two years during the hormonal changes; a boy goes through during puberty.

Having this condition is usually extremely upsetting to young men, because they don’t fully understand why it’s happening—they just know they aren’t female and don’t understand how they have started developing breasts, when their chest should fundamentally be flatter.

Young men must know however, that there is hope for this condition: using compression shorts can be lifesaving and provide a higher sense of self-worth and boost self-esteem.  Compression shirts by Esteem Apparel and so many other brands are out there today.  There are different costs and some are better than others. 

Compression shirts for slimming and helping self esteem

Compression shirts can be used for a variety of health issues: from needing them for puffy nipples during puberty or needing them for when more weight has been gained—they can provide a slimming look. 

When young men have gained too much weight these compression shirts or tanks called, shape wear and other names are perfect to look slimmer.  When a young man doesn’t feel confident and starts to exercise and eat healthier, the shirts can provide a barrier so they can go to the gym or walk outside and feel better about their body.  Any compression shirt sold by Esteem Apparel can make going out in groups with friends, being at school, work and other activities more enjoyable because they be right under the regular shirt that is part of your outfit and not be seen.

Today, young men are embarrassed if they have this condition and don’t ever tell anyone. They might talk to other guys about the issue—but never tell parents or other professionals about the issue because they are too upset and don’t want to further explain the situation. 

The issue becomes more of a problem if they are made fun of in school about having more breast tissue.  This is why a compression shirt can instantly make them be more social at school, feel better and the clothing can help minimize any embarrassing situation (like bully’s who torment them in the locker room before and after gym class or even some random person in the hallway or in math class—it can happen anywhere in school).

Other than slimming and helping reduce the extra breast tissue from being seen, many times compression shirts and other compression clothing is used for people with: anxiety, depression, sensory issues and autism spectrum disorders, OCD, PTSD, improving circulation and even after a surgery. They help people with mental health issues feel more at ease because they tend to be more nervous than other people.

Without assistance from a slimming compression shirt young men can suffer from:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression disorders
  • Lack of confidence
  • Relationship problems (family, friend, romantic relationships)
  • Avoidance of all issues and social gatherings or setting

Depression and anxiety from having gynecomastia, even if temporary

Using a compression shirt from Esteem Apparel can also reduce chances of becoming sad or developing a severe depressive state.  When young men are depressed they might eat more, and become overweight if they don’t get a handle on it and find a way to release anxiety. 

Consuming too much food and not walking or doing some form of cardio will only create more issues with extra breast tissue or completely developing a gynecomastia issue for a long time. Extra weight can start interfering with testosterone levels during puberty.  This can create the condition also and make it stay—compared to puberty where it simply is a stage and is over and the gynecomastia can typically resolve itself once hormones are leveled out and the puberty stage ends.

Weight loss is hard for young men, just like it is for young women who develop an eating disorder.  Being overweight or obsess and actually losing the weight only gets harder as you get older.  It can become challenging even when eating healthier and exercising.  There is another component and this is mental health.  Many times, talking to a clinical counselor or psychiatrist can help get you on a path to wellness; you just needed an extra boost, in addition to the other healthier eating and lifestyle choices.  You also should have a doctor make sure you don’t have another health condition like a thyroid disorder causing weight gain—and other hormones should be checked as well—like testosterone. 

Staying away from comfort foods such as carbs (potatoes, rice, and pastas), high sugary foods (cakes, pastries, cookies, milk chocolates) or trans fats are the key.  Eating leaner meats, more fruits and vegetables can help get you on the right diet plan to lose weight and maintain a better body and become healthier.

Possible need for hormonal therapy—to boost testosterone in boys going through puberty

When young men have a difficult time through puberty (gain weight, have man boobs) many times, the hormone levels aren’t balancing correctly and testosterone levels aren’t rising to what they should.  Sometimes, they need assistance from a doctor if the development stages aren’t fixing themselves. 

Either way, compression clothing can help address extra weight to look slimmer and can improve the look of the chest. Some doctors may suggest using synthetic hormone therapy for young men having issues during this stage. Most will want to wait 2-3 years before starting hormones because conditions can change and some young men take longer for all correct changes to occur. 

Teasing can occur in school, workplace and more

Young men can get teased easily if they look different or sound different while going through puberty changes and development.  The teasing can happen from the same sex or opposite sex.  Either way, it is upsetting.  Being teased or harassed in any way about having extra breast tissue can cause emotional turmoil.  Some individuals withdrawal from activities they would normally take part in, become sad and anxiety ridden or go into deep depressive states and start avoiding school functions and other social activities. 

Esteem Apparel compression shirts and shapewear

Our compression shirts are for men who want to make puffy nipples, or extra breast tissue flatter.  They are for helping men look slimmer—whether they have gynecomastia or not.  As men age, they can put on extra weight just like women, only it can affect men worse than women because testosterone lowers (yes, estrogen lowers when women age too but extra weight on a women is seen differently than on a man). 

If men become overweight during puberty it can set the tone for their entire lives.  Not developing the correct amount of testosterone can create gynecomastia, among other health conditions and having a compression shirt during middle or high school and have a positive impact mentally and physically.

Esteem Apparel compression shirts can be supportive for you:

  • Support and comforting
  • Slimming
  • Breathable
  • Aid in sore muscles from working out
  • Help anxiety and depression from being overweight or man boobs
  • Stay dry when doing more activities or working out: moisture wicking

Compression shirts by Esteem Apparel can be used as a tool for improving mental state

Growing up is hard enough in today’s society and having an extra boost of self-worth while going through changes is important for a healthier, natural development.  During puberty everyone has a tough time—male or female. 

While learning to accept others and not get upset about the way they look is pushed even more today, bullies are still— everywhere.  Teasing others about appearance will always continue, so minimizing an issue with gynecomastia is important for young men.  Compression shirts can be a great tool for young men to combat the issue.

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