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Costs of Gynecomastia surgery in California and in other large states

What the surgery entails, and is getting the surgery worth it?

What to do about gynecomastia?

When a man suffers from gynecomastia, he may want to consider working out more and finding a personal trainer.  However, sometimes certain chest exercises and even more cardio aren’t the answer. 

Eating healthier is a great start to improve health in general—not just for this breast tissue condition.  Nutritionists and dietitians can help establish a plan for weight loss and fat reduction. Besides too much breast tissue other issues should be addressed with food selection based on a person’s other ailments.  Sometimes chronic issues could be causing more breast tissue or more weight.

Weight gain can cause low testosterone or other issues causing or contributing to male breast tissue over growth. When diet and exercise aren’t enough, and even compression shirts aren’t helping a man be more confident about his gynecomastia, there is always surgery as an option.

Before you jump to surgery—make sure you don’t have cancer or another tissue problem

Have you had gynecomastia officially diagnosed?  If not, you need to understand what is really going on. Go to your doctor.  They will examine your body and breast and chest area.

A medical review of you and your family will be done. The doctor should order blood work to check estrogen and testosterone levels and other levels, as they see fit.  It could be breast cancer if you have other symptoms or signs of it. You never want to jump to a conclusion that you only have gynecomastia causing your breasts to enlarge. Testing for hormone levels, ultrasound test or a mammogram may also be completed.

Ways to treat Gynecomastia

A man suffering from this condition might need surgery.  However, if he has a medication causing swelling in the chest region this could cause breasts to enlarge.  So, reviewing your medications and potential side effect are essential.  You may need to change medications if they are causing the gynecomastia.

If your doctor knows your testosterone levels are normal they might pursue other avenues to understand what is needed for treatment or other testing. Only consider surgery for the condition when you have tried everything else and know you don’t have breast cancer, a medication side effect or diet and exercise alone don’t make any improvements.

Breast reduction surgery and what it can do for you!

A cosmetic surgery performs gynecomastia surgery or breast reduction surgery.  It is also called a reduction mammoplasty.  The surgery removes extra breast tissue and the goal is to reduce the size of your breasts—male or female. 

It is common for women to go through the procedure as some women have larger breasts that cause back and shoulder pain, and they usually can get insurance to cover the surgery.

While men would be going through it to get their manly looking chest back—having low or no breast tissue puffing out, so they can look as normal as possible and feel like themselves again. Men don’t have pain from having extra breast tissue; the reason they don’t get covered by insurance for the procedure.

It can help men with gynecomastia get back self-esteem and feel good about themselves again and not feel shamed about their body—no matter what the cause for extra breast tissue development.

Options for Gynecomastia surgery techniques:

  • Liposuction
  • Incisional Technique
  • Extended Incisional Technique

A plastic surgery group in CA price list for Gynecomastia surgeries:

Based on one location in California the surgery can range from 7,000 to 15,000.  It depends on your individual case.  On the low end of the condition, it’s puffy nipples but can become more costly if there is more of a breast roll and how large it is.  This becomes more involved for the surgeon and you could need an upwards cost of 18,000.

Average cost of the gynecomastia surgery in the USA

Usually the average cost in the USA for this surgery is between $4,000 and $5000.  This cost could be more or less depending on location, your surgeon’s experience, the kind of procedure you need.  Sometimes a man only needs some liposuction in the breast region.  For very enlarged breast tissue you might need sign removal and more of a significant surgery compared to simply sucking out fat as liposuction does—but liposuction is still considered a surgery.

As noted above in the CA surgeon price list there are different types and based on how extensive the surgery is, the more cost involved. Other larger states the prices vary.  Most major cities in any state are costly, as there are usually more medical professionals for cosmetic procedures who reside there and thrive in their practice.  Smaller towns across the USA might have options for the surgery but you might not find doctors with the most experience.

This is a delicate procedure and is cosmetic and you want to find the best surgeon that you feel comfortable with who can make your appearance almost back to normal. These issues could be reasons your surgery might be higher in cost:

  • The plastic surgeon’s experience
  • Your location in the USA

California average cost of gynecomastia surgery:

  • $5,500 to $15,000

San Diego CA average cost for gynecomastia surgery:

  • $8,000 to $11,000
  • Remember the cost can vary based on the procedures and experience of your surgeon in any state or region

Does gynecomastia come back after you have surgery?

Men can still have breast tissue grow back.  The goal should be to make changes in your life such as diet, reduce stress and have an exercise routine. According to data most people that have the condition that do the surgery don’t have an issue again, but again, it can happen.

Average cost in USA for gynecomastia surgery:

  • $5,000

Cheaper to do in NJ--cost of gynecomastia surgery:

  • $4,000 to $7,000

Outlook for gynecomastia and the surgery—is it worth it?

The cost of surgery shouldn’t stop you from getting the procedure done and in the end it is worth your appearance to be the best it can be.  There are many ways you can get the funds if needed: financing options at many locations, third party loans, save money from each check, or crowd funding online.  The condition isn’t life threatening but it can affect mental health because most men want a chest of a man—not a woman—unless they plan to go under a gender reassignment surgery at a later time.

If you want to wait before committing to a surgery for breast reduction due to gynecomastia, then try different diet options and stick to them.  Have a planned work routine you do several times a week.  You might also benefit from counseling services, if this condition is severely affecting your mental health.

Remember there are always non-surgical treatments for gynecomastia:

  • Rid of excess weight
  • Diet plans for fat burning and weight reduction
  • Consistent workout routine; exercising several times a week (targeted chest exercises can be beneficial)
  • Abstaining from steroid
  • Eliminate recreational drugs
  • Eliminate alcohol
  • Hormonal therapies are available
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