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Compression Shirts for Concealing Ileostomy and Colostomy Surgery

After undergoing that ileostomy or colostomy surgery, you definitely would want to still look good in your clothing.  But, you don’t want your pouch to be so evident under your attire. I understand how you feel. Well, Congrats! Because you don’t have to worry anymore! Our Esteem Apparel Compression shirts to hide ileostomy or colostomy's are designed to conceal your pouch entirely.

Surprised right? You don’t have to worry about the various pouching systems anymore. Some of them may stick out so prominently from your skin that you may feel so uncomfortable. But ignore whatever pouching method your doctor recommends. All you need to do is get our quality made compression shirt.

More so, a lot of people with ostomies do have concerns about their choice of clothing after the surgery. Some believe they would only be able to wear pants and skirts with pleats or some loose-fitting dresses or tracksuit. That’s not true! With our compression shirts, you can only restrict yourself to your personal preference for clothing. Our compression shirts give you the confidence to wear any clothes that appeals to you without revealing any pouch whatsoever.

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