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Comparing Compression Shirt Brand GC2 Chest Binders vs. Esteem Apparel

Are you suffering from gynecomastia and looking for the best compression shirts on the market to conceal your man boobs? It is important to look at the features and functionality of several brands in order to make an informed purchase decision. 

If you are confused about the many brands on the market, we got you covered. We will review GC2 Chest Binders vs. Esteem Apparel, some of the top compression shirt brands on the market, to save you the stress of going through tons of reviews online.

GC2 Chest Binders Review

GC2 is among the oldest compression shirt brands on the market designed to conceal the man boobs of men affected by gynecomastia. Here are the specific features of GC2 compression shirts to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Features of GC2 Chest Binders

Compresses and Contours the Upper Body

GC2 compression shirts are cut narrower at the chest area to allow chest flattening. The shirts are designed to manage gynecomastia and provide compression in the right areas. For the perfect contouring, however, you must purchase the right size.

Standard Sizing

The sizing of GC2 compression shirts is standard. This means that if you wear medium undershirts, you should buy a medium GC2 compression shirt. If you are in between sizes, purchase a size down for perfect slimming. If you are not used to wearing undershirts and are unaware of your size, email GC2 with your chest and waist size for size recommendations.

Comfortable Fabric

GC2 is made from heavyweight nylon/cotton/spandex material, and the compression shirts are breathable, soft, and smooth. The fabric feels silkier on the skin and does not roll up. This ensures that the flat appearance lasts as long as the compression shirt is on.

Functional Design

The design of GC2 compression tanks makes them very functional in that it has a long torso that stays tucked in, a low-cut neck that stays concealed, high-cut armholes to ensure maximum compression, and the neckline and arm line are hemmed for maximum comfort. Moreover, some of the designs can be worn with nothing else.


Compared to other compression shirt brands on the market, GC2 shirts that retail from $21 are very affordable and give you value for your money. The shirts are made with high-quality material that does not overstretch. They are very tight but at the same time offer maximum comfort.

Esteem Apparel Compression Shirts Review

Esteem Apparel is a popular compression shirt brand specifically designed to help men manage gynecomastia. This review will look at the features of the Esteem Apparel clothing line that make it stand out on the market. Read on.

Features of Esteem Apparel Compression shirts

Chest Compression

Esteem Apparel compression shirts are specifically designed to deal with gynecomastia and provide immediate chest slimming. They do not lose elasticity and therefore give you value for your money. The compression shirts are designed to give you a slim and contoured chest under all types of clothing.

Extra Tight

Esteem Apparel compression shirts are designed to seamlessly fit under your slim shirts, tight tees, and sweaters. They are very tight and discreet but also very comfortable to wear throughout the day. The shirts squeeze in puffy nipples and enlarged breasts to give you a masculine and well-toned chest.

Also, they can be worn for long periods of time without breathing or movement challenges. Men with mild gynecomastia can wear Esteem Apparel shirts as standalone gym wear.

Made From High-Quality Binding Spandex

Our compression shirts are made from high ultra slim spandex materials and they are easy to put on and take off. The spandex material is very smooth on the body and does not roll up. They will give your chest a slim and pronounced appearance.

The spandex material is also breathable allowing tightly squeezed skin to breathe. This makes the shirts comfortable to wear for the whole day.

Proper Fit

For the desired outcome, compression shirts must be well fitting. To get the correct sizing of any compression shirt, you must consider the sizes of the available designs. Esteem Apparel shirts come in a variety of sizes and the correct fitting for you depends on your weight and height.

The three sizing options are limiting to men suffering from gynecomastia and looking for a specific fit. Esteem Apparel would offer a free replacement if your first purchase did not fit or meet your compression demands to deal with sizing complaints.


Esteem Apparel compression shirts are designed to be put on like a pair of pants for the perfect fit. Pulling the shirts up is very easy because the shoulder straps are designed further apart. Despite the strange way of wearing it, the shirt does not lose elasticity and gives your stomach and chest an immediate slimming appearance. 

You might need a little movement to pull up the shirt past the waistline, which should not be a big concern.

High Quality

The material used to make Esteem Apparel compression shirts is knit into two layers. The layers increase the degree of compression and durability of the shirts. The stitching is also very sturdy, allowing you to wear the shirts for many years without damage. The shirts are quality enough to withstand workouts and other vigorous activities.


Cost is a major consideration when purchasing compression shirts. With a selling price of $30, Esteem Apparel shirts are very affordable and easily accessible.

GC2 Chest Binders vs. Esteem Apparel- Which is Better For You?

GC2 Chest Binders and Esteem Apparel are both high-quality compression shirts for your gynecomastia and designed to fit under other wear including casual, official, and gym wear. 

However, they differ in designs, cost, and sizes. In terms of sizes, GC2 has more sizes from X-small to X-large. Esteem Apparel only comes in four sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. Therefore, if you cannot find your fit at Esteem Apparel, go with GC2.

In terms of designs, GC2 has many chest binder designs, some of which can be worn with nothing else. In addition it is much cheaper.

But if you want the best compression shirts on the market and you are willing to pay more for it, go with Esteem Apparel

Final Word

Choosing the right compression shirt to manage gynecomastia from the many brands on the market can be very challenging. We hope the reviews above will help you make an informed decision between GC2 Chest Binders and Esteem Apparel.