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A Guide to Choosing The Right Slimming Undershirt

Undershirts conceal chest hair, provide warmth, and block sweat from staining clothes. They can make you feel more comfortable wearing them by making you look slimmer. However, not all undershirts meet the standard test. 

Plenty of products don't provide all the benefits an undershirt should. This article is a comprehensive guide that will help you pick an ideal slimming undershirt.

Gauge the slimming undershirt's quality. 

Unfortunately, most sellers have mastered the art of making undershirts appear excellent and durable in advertisements, only to unravel after you wear them a couple of times.

So, how can you pick a high-quality, slimming undershirt? Below are practical tips you can use.

Check for signs of pilling.

Clothe pilling occurs when the yarn fibers loosen or break or after exposed ends tangle, creating tiny fluff-like balls on the surface. Typically, you will notice pilling after wearing the undershirt for a while. So, if you notice any pills on a new undershirt, it won't last long; avoid it.

All fabrics will undergo pilling. However, high-quality slimming undershirts don't pill easily.

Feel the fabric

An ideal slimming undershirt should be soft on your skin and comfortable, regardless of the material it is made of. Softness means that the material the manufacturer uses has long fibers that will stand the test of time.

Hold it up to light

Check the fabric's thickness by holding the slimming undershirt beside a light source. If you can see through it, the fabric isn't thick enough, and the shirt will have a short lifespan.

Scrunch the shirt

Durable slimming undershirts will bounce back to their original state after you scrunch them slightly. If the shirt remains wrinkled, it clearly shows low quality.

Check for loose threads and uneven seams.

Uneven seams or loose threads indicate that the shirt was poorly constructed by the manufacturer, has shorter fiber, and will wear out after a few uses.

Pick suitable material.

Natural fibers like rayon and cotton make superior and comfortable undershirts. However, synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester also make nice shirts; it all depends on the length of fiber used.

Undershirts made using long fiber will;

Breathe better: Long fibers allow the manufacturer to spin them into finer yarn and tightly bind them. As a result, you will have a slimming undershirt that doesn't retain air pockets inside it, allowing you to feel relaxed throughout the day.

Feel softer: Long fibers produce softer yarn compared to shorter fibers. The fibers will also have a few stray ends, eliminating the itchy and scratchy feeling you may have experienced after wearing poorly made undershirts.

Hold up longer: Tight bonds produce a robust and durable shirt.

Synthetic versus natural materials 

You can wear a slimming shirt made from natural or synthetic materials. Here are the features of each

Synthetic fibers

  • Recyclable
  • It can be water-resistant 
  • Higher stain resistant
  • Non-biodegradable 
  • Affordable than natural fibers

Natural fibres

  • Biodegradable 
  • Non-recyclable 
  • Not stain resistant
  • Not water resistant 
  • Costlier than synthetic fibers

Determine your size

To get the correct measurement for your slimming undershirt 

Measure the fullest part of your chest area, placing the tape under the armpits and around ( not below or above) your shoulder blades. 

Check the manufacturer's size guide. If you notice you are between sizes, selecting the next largest size is better for a more comfortable fit.

Find the right fit

After getting your size, you'll have to pick a proper fit. Traditionally, slimming undershirts fit closely to your body and have tiny arm holes, making them invisible under clothes.

What's the best style to go for?

Deciding whether to go for a V-neck, deep V-neck, or crewneck may be difficult. Let's look at each of these.

V-neck slimming undershirts

If you wear shirts with high necklines mainly due to fear of your slimming undershirt being seen by people, experts recommend deep v-neck or regular v-neck. These styles allow you to wear any type of outer shirt.

Crewneck slimming undershirts

Crewneck undershirts have a traditional look and can be worn with anything. However, it's worth noting that in some instances, the collar of your crewneck slimming undershirt may be visible when you wear it with flannel shirts and T-shirts.

Slimming undershirt length considerations

If you enjoy wearing untucked, casual shirts, they will go well with shorter undershirts, as they won't be visible. 

On the other hand, if you always tuck in outer shirts, it's advisable to get longer, slimmer undershirts that fall slightly past your trousers' seam. The extra length keeps the undershirt tucked when you raise your hands.

Does color matter?

To some extent, color matters. Avoid wearing a white undershirt with a white dress shirt; it will show through. 

If your outer shirt is dark (such as maroon, navy blue, charcoal grey, army green, or black), you should wear a dark-colored slimming undershirt. You can also try a neutral or beige undershirt if you wear a light pastel or white top.

Final Words 

After reading this post, picking the fitting slimming undershirt will not be challenging. Some key points to remember are to check its quality to ensure it will last long, decide on the material you want, and determine the size and style.